Gov. Abbott Declares May 15-21, 2016 to be Hurricane Preparedness Week

2016 Hurricane Preparedness Week Proclamation

The Atlantic Hurricane Season begins June 1 and ends November 30.  During these months, Texas is more susceptible to powerful and destructive tropical storms and hurricanes.

Texas has experienced five major disasters in the last year and we encourage everyone to assemble an emergency supplies kit including a first aid kit, a NOAA Weather Radio or battery-operated radio, flashlight, medication, non-perishable food items, and bottled water.  Know where you and loved ones will go if an evacuation is necessary and develop an emergency plan for communicating with family and friends.  When disaster separates family members, the American Red Cross has the Safe & Well resource to list yourself as safe, or to search for loved ones who have registered to let you know they are safe.

For more information about Hurricane Preparedness Week, please visit NOAA’s Weather-Ready Nation website:

Coastal residents can find evacuation routes by visiting the TxDOT website:


Hurricane Preparedness Week Schedule

Sunday, May 15

Determine your risk
Learn about and plan for the types of hurricane related hazards that may impact your community.

Monday, May 16

Develop an evacuation plan
Build an evacuation plan for you and your family, to identify the fastest routes for leaving town if necessary.

Tuesday, May 17

Secure an insurance check-up
Check with your insurance company to ensure you have adequate homeowners insurance to cover hurricane damages.

Wednesday, May 18

Assemble disaster supplies
Build a disaster supplies kit for you and your family.

Thursday, May 19

Strengthen your home
Fortify your home to better withstand hurricane related damages.

Friday, May 20

Identify your trusted sources of information
Find an official source you prefer for hurricane related information.

Saturday, May 21

Complete your written hurricane plan
Write down your completed hurricane plan!
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