Patrolman Gordon Alex Jensen
Killed in the Line of Duty

Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
No one wounds me with impunity



On, Wednesday, July 16, 1980 Patrolman Jensen was shot and killed while working an off-duty job at a new-homes construction site. Two vehicles pulled up to the site and Patrolman Jensen approached them. When he asked the driver of the first vehicle for identification a struggle ensued and the suspect gained control of Patrolman Jensen’s service revolver. Patrolman Jensen drew his backup weapon and shot the suspect, who also fired, fatally wounding Patrolman Jensen. Patrolman Jensen had been with the agency for 2.5 years.


A poem, written by Ray Goebel is displayed in the lobby of the police station and reads as follows:
“The Thin Blue Line”

Proud and courageous they stand tall.
In good and evil times, no matter the price,
they sacrifice.

The men in the thin blue line.

The thin blue line is all that stands,
Twixt doers of wrong and right.
Protectors of all, both great and small,
Ne’r wavering in the fight.

The thin blue line, may it always stand,
Protective, strong and true.
The thin blue line is all that stands,
Between evil and wrong and me and you.

Ours hats are off, our heads are bowed.
We thank God for men so fine,
They do the job we could not do.
The men in the thin blue line.

Dedicated to: The Memory of “Gordon A. Jensen”
One who “Stood Tall in The Thin Blue Line”

Patrolman Jensen is forever memorialized at the Texas Peace Officers’ Memorial (Section 03, B, 09) and the National Law Enforcement Officers’ Memorial (Section P62-W15). Below are the official websites to the memorial. You may click on the links to visit the site.

Texas Peace Officers’ Memorial
National Law Enforcement Officers’ Memorial

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